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Warrior Walk-Off

Warrior Walk-Off has begun! Saying goodbye and good luck to all of our 8th grade baseball and softball players.

Click the photos below to read more about these outstanding players who are off on their next adventures. Good luck, Warriors! We are so proud of you!

Click here to see all the Warrior Walk-Off bios.

Ash Cooper

Rex Putnam High School

Riley McBee

Gresham High School

Noah Karoli

Cleveland High School

Zoe Elliot

La Salle College Prep

Brady Baker

La Salle College Prep

Sims Cronen

La Salle College Prep

Kate Cappalonga

Central Catholic High School

Brady Davis

McDaniel High School

Tate Kullberg

La Salle College Prep

Clara Waldron

Cleveland High School

Elliot Sloop

La Salle College Prep

Wills Pinaire

Summit High School (Bend, Oregon)

Sara Cass

Cleveland High School

Cleveland Minor Federal takes 2nd Place in JBO State Championships

Congratulations to the 2022 Cleveland Minor Federal team who won their regular season title and  battled to take 2nd place in the 2022 JBO State Championships!

They are Cleveland's second highest placing state team in league history. 

Great job Warriors!

2022 Cleveland Minor Federal

2022 Cleveland Junior Federal

2022 Cleveland Junior Federal

Cleveland Junior Federal and 14U Softball take regular season championships!

Congratulations to the Cleveland Junior Federal team (L) and the 14U Softball team (R) who both took their regular season championships. 

Great job, Warriors!

Cleveland 14U Softball 2022

2022 Cleveland 14U Softball

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Cleveland Youth Baseball & Softball uses SportsEngine to provide easy access to practice and game schedules, team messaging and notifications and roster information. This service is conveniently available both on desktop or mobile devices.

All family members who need access to this information are encouraged to sign up for an account, as this will be the primary mode of communication from coaches and the league.

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Date Event
JULY 2022 Fall Ball registration opens
JULY 31, 2022 Baseball Fall Ball registration closes
AUG. 14, 2022 Softball Fall Ball registration closes
SEPTEMBER 2022 Fall Ball begins
OCTOBER 2022 Fall Ball ends
NOVEMBER 2022 Assessment information session
NOVEMBER 2022 2023 Spring registration Opens
JANUARY 2023 2023 Baseball registration Closes
FEBRUARY 2023 2023 T, Farm and Softball registration closes
FEBRUARY 2023 Assessments for Spring season
MARCH 2023 All-league information session
MARCH 2023 Spring teams are formed
MARCH 2023 Coach meeting
APRIL 2023 Practice begins for all teams
APRIL 2023 Games begin for JBO teams
APRIL 2023 Opening Day and Pictures
MAY 2023 Games begin for T, Farm and CNL
JUNE 2023 All-League event
JUNE 2023 Season ends for T, Farm and CNL
JULY 2023 Coach Appreciation event
End of JULY 2023 Season ends for JBO teams


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