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2024 Fall Baseball and Softball Registration. Registration is open for baseball grades 3-8 and Softball 10U-14U for the 2024-25 school year.

NO REFUND POLICY: We have a strict no refund policy, except for waitlisted players.

COACHES NEEDED: The ability for our teams to participate is dependent upon volunteer coaches. Please note your commitment to coach when prompted during the registration process. 

Code of Conduct: Review the Code of Conduct prior to completing registration. At registration you agree that you and members of your family/friends/participants will adhere to the Code of Conduct including behavior toward coaches, players and community members.

The league reserves the right to remove and/or ban from the league any individual who engages in Code of Conduct violations, effective immediately.

Please remember that youth sports are about the players, not the adults.



               Level                         Age Range             Registration Fee
Minors 3rd - 4th $150
Juniors 5th - 6th $150
Seniors 7th - 8th $200
Softball 10U, 12U, 14U $150


Notes: A 3% + $1.00 processing charge will be applied to all transactions.

Waitlist registration fee is due at time of registration, however, if your player is not placed on a team, the full fee will be refunded.


Need-Based Scholarship options are available. Please reach out to info@clevelandyouthbaseball for more information.

Don't wait! Registration ends July 28 at midnight! Spaces are limited for Fall Ball and some levels will fill within several days.


This registration is for the following baseball players, based on their grade during the 2024-2025 school year:

  • Minors - 3rd and 4th grades*
  • Juniors - 5th and 6th grades*
  • Seniors - 7th and 8th grades*

Depending on registration numbers, there may be a group workout "assessment" to determine teams at the Minor/Junior/Senior level.

LOCATION: Games will be played on Sundays and played within the Milwaukie/Putnam boundary.  Games for Minors and Juniors are primarily at North Clackamas Park.  Seniors were at Rowe MS, Alder Creek MS and Milwaukie HS last year.

DURATION: The league will run from the Sunday after Labor Day through the end of October.

DAYS: All fall ball games will be held on Sundays - times will not be known until the season begins.

PRACTICE: The fall season is primarily designed for a less intensive atmosphere for game experience, but coaches may have a weekly weekday practice based on field availability.

FRIEND/COACH REQUESTS: No friend or coach requests.

UNIFORM: All players grades 3 - 8 will be required to wear gray baseball pants, baseball socks, and a baseball belt. Socks and belt should be green or yellow pending team assignment. 

JERSEYSJerseys are direct to order.  Once players are assigned to a team a link will be sent to the email listed on the registration for the players to order and pay for their own jersey

Order your uniform within 24 hours of receiving the link in order to ensure it arrives on time.

Cost will be approximately $55.  This is required of all players.  

HATS: Hats worn for 2024 Spring teams can be reused if you played for Cleveland's Minor Fed, Junior, or Senior ball last season.  If you did not, or want to purchase a new hat, it will be available in the team store at the link for the jersey ordering.

Pants/Socks/Belts: Players will be required to purchase their own gray pants, Kelly green socks and Kelly green belts.



TRAVEL: Softball will be playing in the CCGSA league and so travel will be required to Milwaukie and Clackamas locations.

DATES: Fall softball will begin in September (dates to be confirmed). The season will run for 6 weeks with two games typically played on Sunday. A tournament is held on the last weekend of the season.

AGE: A player’s age as of Sept. 1, 2024 determines the age in which the player is eligible to play the following year. (Fall 24, Spring 25). 

  • 10-Under Age Classification (10U). A player whose 11th birthday is prior to September 1, 2024, is INELIGIBLE.
  • 12-Under Age Classification (12U). A player whose 13th birthday is prior to September 1, 2024, is INELIGIBLE.
  • 14-Under Age Classification (14U). A player whose 15th birthday is prior to September 1, 2024, is INELIGIBLE

Fall Softball is generally for 10U, 12U and 14U teams and will likely be the same this year, depending on the number of registrants and coach availability.  

In the event that we end up with too many girls registered at a particular age group, we may shift girls to other levels they are allowed to play on.  Priority will be given to girls who are older and who have played in our program previously, and girls whose parents are willing to help with coaching.

UNIFORMS: Softball players will wear their uniforms from the spring season, with gray pants, green socks, and green belt. Players will have the option to order another uniform or a new uniform if the are new to the league.

COACHING: Coaches planning to participate in fall ball will need to go through the recertification process, but will NOT need to repeat that process in Spring 2025.

Looking for league info? Check out the FAQ

Click here for the full  league information FAQ.

  • Different levels of baseball based on grade.
  • Softball information.
  • Quick overview of assessments (there will be a full assessments meeting in January for those registered).
  • What to expect from coaches and what is expected from families.
  • League schedule overview.
  • What makes JBO different than other leagues.

Email: with questions.


Date Event Level/Age
JULY 2024 Fall Ball Registration Opens Baseball and Softball: Grades 3-8
END OF AUGUST Fall Ball practices begin Baseball and Softball: Grades 3-8
OCTOBER 2024 Winter Workouts Registration Opens Grades 3-8
END OF OCTOBER Fall Ball ends Baseball and Softball: Grades 3-8
NOVEMBER 2024 2024 Spring Registration Opens All levels, all teams
JANUARY 2025 Baseball registration closes Baseball: Grades 3-8
JANUARY 2025 Assessment information session Baseball: Grades 3-8
FEBRUARY 2025 Assessments for Spring season Baseball: Grades 3-8
FEBRUARY 2025 T, Farm and Softball registration closes Baseball: PreK-2 and Softball
MARCH 2025 Spring teams are formed All levels, all teams
MARCH 2025 CYBS Mandatory Coach meeting All levels, all teams
APRIL 2025 CCJBA Mandatory Coach meeting Baseball: JBO
APRIL 2025 Practice begins for all teams All levels, all teams
APRIL 2025 Games begin for JBO teams Baseball: JBO
APRIL 2025 Opening Day and Pictures All levels, all teams
MAY 2025 Games begin for T, Farm and CNL Baseball: PreK-2 and CNL
JUNE 2025 All-League event All levels, all teams
MID-JUNE 2025 Season ends for T, Farm and CNL Baseball: PreK-2 and CNL
JULY 2025 CCJBA Tourney Baseball: JBO - SN, JA, JN
JULY 2025 JBO State Tourney Baseball: JBO - SN, JA, JN
JULY 2025 CCJBA Tourney Baseball: JBO - SF, SA, JF, MF
JULY 2025 JBO State Tourney Baseball: JBO - SF, SA, JF, MF

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Cleveland Youth Baseball & Softball uses SportsEngine to provide easy access to practice and game schedules, team messaging and notifications and roster information. This service is conveniently available both on desktop or mobile devices.

All family members who need access to this information are encouraged to sign up for an account, as this will be the primary mode of communication from coaches and the league.

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